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The big problem of Bullying

Bullying is a big problem in the UK and I have experienced it. I used to say that bullies are just jealous, but now I don’t think they are. What I do think they are is just bullies – nothing more, and they shouldn’t be treated in any other way. Schools need to learn how to deal with bullying properly…and students need to be given a break: to be allowed to get on with their education without being failed by the educational system.

Would bullies act in the same way if I was big and strong ? What would I need to do to get away ? I’ve been severely let down when it comes to bullies. I’d tell a teacher and they’d have a word with the student, they’d lie their way out of it like some kind of sociopath, and I’d pay for it later.

That’s all you can do if you’re being bullied, though: tell a teacher or someone you trust. I’m sure that I just had a bad case. I know people with Aspergers and without it that have received a lot of help with education and bullies – it really depends on the school you’re in and the professionalism of the teachers.

If you’re experiencing bullying, I really do wish you good luck and I hope you manage to find the courage to speak to someone. Remember: you’re not being cowardly by telling – it takes a lot of courage to tell someone.

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0 thoughts on “The big problem of Bullying

  • there are bullies everywhere…when it comes down to it they are all pathetic pieces of trash

  • I can identify with it all.  Dickwads, all of ’em.  Beating on me was their recourse for fun.  My defending myself was an attack on their dignity–and an excuse to get beat on some more.  And they were already the academic and disciplinary failures.  Ordinary sanctions didn’t mean squat to them.  and even 40 years later, I hardly care what my logic and voices of reason say.  One good punch would’ve made an impression on them that no amount of detention would.

    There.  Said my piece.

  • I believe that the ringleader of a bullying group is often a sociopath – someone who cares nothing for other’s feelings, only their own, and it makes them a ringleader. The bully forms a fan club of people eager to please him/her and continuing bullying the object of the ringleader’s derision does just that.  Bullies don’t deserve sympathy and counselling, they should just plain be excluded.


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