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Suspicious, Distraught Woman Seen

That is what the headline will say on the community newsletter. The article will read as follows:

Suspicious, distraught woman seen loitering outside the local creche. The Lady was seen standing on her tippy toes and peering in the window at some small children. Witnesses said she appeared to be upset and most likely didn’t see anything inside as the window was fogged up from her breathing on it. Beware, the woman on the edge……………….

HRH is due to start in a Montessori group in less than two weeks. I have reservations, but at the same time, I am very excited for him. I am also a little bit relieved at the thought of having only one child at home with me for a few hours, that is practically a holiday for me. Conflicted? Who me?

My main concern is sending an almost three-year-old, with a handful of words, into a group of very verbal neurotypical three-year-olds. Of course he will have is PECS and his SNA (special needs assistant) but still…………………..

Will his teacher understand that if he sees a picture of a butterfly/plane/bird he will pick it up, waggle it in the air, and make it fly?

Will she know that his left index finger likes to rest in his right nostril? That it is a stim and he is not picking his nose.

Will she understand that he is not saying ‘oh sh*t!’ but actually trying to say something else. We don’t actually know what the something else is yet, but it definitely isn’t ‘oh s*hit’ (a mother knows these things!)

The Montessori staff is very welcoming of him, autism and all, otherwise, I wouldn’t even contemplate sending him. It has taken quite a bit of time to make all the necessary arrangements and now it is almost here.

It is a big step, for both of us…………………if it wasn’t for the lovely lady who will be by his side every day then I couldn’t do it!

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  • @thekingandeye – Glad I could help. I don’t know why the notification of your response ended up in my junk mail.

  • @SavonDuJour@xanga – I completely agree with you, I remember being very cross when my eldest heard swear words at his daycare and used them generously! Now that we know what he is actually trying to say we can work on refining the pronounciation (this post is about 2 weeks old), but that will take time. Meantime all children say things incorrectly and sometimes they do come out like other words so people will just have to accept it as an error in pronounciation. O-sit does still sound dodgy. Luckily there isn’t a television at montessori 🙂

  • @a12906@xanga – yep, it is ‘watch it’ we discovered this as he only says it at the television:) Good spot you, it took us a while to work it out:)

  • You can hate me for this but, whereas I would have been happy to have a child who was different from my son in his Montessori group, I wouldn’t have minded the nose-picking, real or stim, all children do it to some extent, or getting things to fly, but I would not have been at all happy about a child who said Oh Shit repeatedly.  Kids that age love to imitate behaviour especially when its considered naughty, they find that hilarious and I can see my child would have started to Oh Shit at every opportunity and I wouldn’t have found that at all hilarious.

    I wish you luck, I really do.


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