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A Time of Awakening

A Time of Awakening……….From my perspective, I can see and feel from within, this is happening. There seems to be so much going on in this time on earth. Natural disasters as this beautiful planet shifts to come into alignment. We are witnessing more corruption come to light or transparency, a purification process around the world, if there is anything negative going on behind the scenes, it is being brought to light.

I have the pleasure of meeting more and more who are moving toward an awareness of something bigger going on. It is like it is being seen out of the corner of your eye, there is an awareness going on but we have not turned toward it fully yet.

These magnificent children of ours, those considered typical and those little masters diagnosed in massive numbers with what many call a disability are more sensitive within their beings. They are not easily persuaded or willing to conform. Some are more sensitive to man-made foods, man-made elements, heightened or sensitive hearing, sensitivities to clothing. Many are empathic or telepathic, some experience a psychic side to their child, our family is experiencing this to different degrees with all three of our children.

Parents of these children are witnessing wonderful things happening with their children on a daily basis. If they are considered typical many may be diagnosed with ADD or ADHD and a myriad of other ‘needs’. These children are having a difficult time within schools, the educational system is focusing more on numbers, test scores rather than the whole child, trying to pound a square peg into a round hole. In fact, schools cannot simply focus on every single child’s personal needs due to insufficient funds, resources, and teachers. The school’s hands are tied trying to follow strict state standards they must follow. Many wonderful teachers must follow what their superiors require them to follow, yet it feels like and many acknowledge it is simply not working. Parents often feel like hitting themselves over the head because they cannot get their children to conform in the way society thinks they should. It feels like a domino effect of things that are going on, all leading us to an incredible shift.

I am not in any way asking you to take my word for it. I understand we must all be willing to come to our own conclusions, we are all born to observe and come to our own conclusions, desires, and outcomes and I applaud diversity within each of us. I am simply asking all of you to become aware of this, looking for these changes and finding the feeling place from within. Your truth for all things within your life lies within your being. As we all reach for what feels best to each of us, in doing so we have the ability to turn the tides. What if we as a collective society have the opportunity of creating a world that embraces diversity, shows and lives unconditional love for all things and all people, what if we are moving into a direction here on earth, the likes of which have never been experienced before. A time of awakening and our children are showing us the way ~

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