Inject Some Happiness Into Your Home

We think it’s about time that there is some positivity injected into our lives. 

Do you not think that it’s so easy to be swallowed by social media and all of the negativity that it’s bringing. If it’s not social media it’s the local or global news coming our way to bring some more bad news our way. It seems like this year, in particular, has been a bad one for bad news.

The recent COVID outbreak, the black lives matter movement, the list of news that has negatively impacted our lives could go on. So it’s down to us to inject some of our own personal happiness into our own lives and choose to ignore some of the negativity surrounding us. One way of bringing some happiness into the home is by adding little bits and bobs that you know your home is missing, or perhaps that you’ve just had your eye on for a while now.

Need a little bit of inspiration? Keep on reading to find out more. 

A Needs Must Purchase

Sometimes the items that can make you the happiest are the ones that you’ve needed to purchase for such a long time now. It can be easy to fall down the rabbit hole of ignoring the bigger items that you really need to buy because of perhaps the cost, or the implications of perhaps buying a new bed. How will you get rid of the old one? How will you get the new one up the stairs? But it’s these needs must items that drive us up the wall the most, and will therefore bring the most happiness and reward. If you follow this link, you’ll find the discounted items that might be on your list. The bigger purchases you need to make might be heavier on the purse, but they’re usually the longest lasting and have the biggest impact on your life. 

Something Flashy

Now to think about something flashy that might be that naughty purchase that you’ve put off for so long because it might just seem like too much to buy, or too crazy to spend your money on. But these are the best purchases because they’re a real treat yourself type of moment. When you’re spending your money on something you wouldn’t usually spend your money on it feels so much better! Why not think about a fancy new TV, or perhaps a hot tub for the garden. Something that everyone notices when they come in and everyone says wow when they first lock eyes with it! 

A Wholesome Party

Finally, injecting some happiness into your home doesn’t have to mean you have to buy something flashy or new, it can be as simple as organizing a family party or family and friends party that you might not have been able to do for so long. Being surrounded by the people you love, and by good food and drink is always enough to make a group of people feel great! 


*this is a collaborative post

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