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Surfers Healing is a wonderful organization, that helps children on the Autism Spectrum learn the aspects of surfing. The company was founded by Izzy Paskowitz and his wife Danielle in honor of their son Isaiah who has Autism. Izzy was a pro surfer and introduced surfing to Isaiah, from where he saw a difference in his son.  And because of that calmness, and his connections to be himself in the ocean, Izzy began surf camps.

I had seen video clips, and read friends experiences, and so when the opportunity came up to sign up my daughter, I jumped to it.

We signed up for the Surfers Healing in Doheny Beach, CA.

When we arrived, we went to register in, and they gave us a little goodie bag which my daughter loves. After signing, we headed to the beach, and to line up at the tent. There were two kids ahead of us, but my daughter got fixated on the pink lifevest, so I had asked the volunteer if we can use that one. They said it was no problem, thank you for that!  As we got near the front of the line, they put her in a rash guard, then the life vest, and from there, I was alone. They walked with her to the ocean, and to the volunteer surfer who would be riding the waves with her.

And off they went…..

They got knocked over by the first wave, but they went back again. She surfed a few waves, she was a trooper!

From there, my youngest wasn’t too surf until a few hours later, so we went to have lunch that Surfers Healing provided, and the girls got their faces painted and did some activities they had set up for the children.

1:00 P.M. came by quickly and it was Allys, she did awesome, she rode some waves, and the finale…. she got to ride on the waves of the surfer! She was so excited!

All in all, they had loads of fun, but they both say “The ocean is dangerous!” lol. Until next year signups, we shall endeavor to try again!  Look into to see where there is a surfing camp near you. Also, all these surf camps are free and depend on donations, if you can make a donation – and make a child happy, please check their website.

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Guest Submitted Post

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