Example of Imaginary friends.

This one still makes me cringe even today, eight years later.

Dannie has went through numerous imaginary friends, mostly animals as that is Dannie’s passion. Animals and Books.

This particular time when Dannie was around seven, she had an imaginary cat. This one lasted longer than most. She must have went on about this cat for about four months and I am afraid to say it was starting to get on my nerves.

Every time we went out, the cat had to come, we ate, the cat had to eat. We watched films, the cat had to watch. It even walked her to school and she would not go in until I personally had called the cat and told it to come home with me. If I remember rightly the cat was called snowdrop(A black cat) but there you go.
Now for some reason the cat was never around when we were ready to go out, eat, watch films, go to school. We had to wait for Dannie to find it first, then wait till Dannie was sure it was there before we could begin.

But being at the school playground and calling “snowdrop” as quietly as I could only for Dannie to tell me the cat couldn’t hear me shout louder, well I’m sure you can imagine the way I was feeling. But we continued.

Until one night when I enough was enough, I was trying to get Dannie to bed but she couldn’t find the cat, she finally found it on our stairs and sat on the stairs pretending to stroke the cat.

I lost it big time, I was tired and wanted Dannie in bed and here she was playing with the damn cat again.

I did no more than pick up fresh air next to Dannie, which is where I roughly believed the cat to be.

And said to Dannie, “this is what I think of the damn cat.” (Oh the shame of it now.)

And I proceeded to kick this fresh air down the stairs.

Dannie didn’t buge an inch she just looked up at me and said “Mum, what are you doing? Snowdrop is over there.”

And pointed to the top of the stairs.

Need I say more!!!

I humbly walked upstairs and left her to it.

Example of imaginary friends.

Featured Photo by Karina Vorozheeva on Unsplash


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  • I’m not an expert or anything, but I think having imaginary friends is normal for kids. I had a lot when I was younger, and I’m fine now. But I can understand how it would be annoying for parents after reading this.


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