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My Autism Day



I was very torn about the Autism day on Nov 1st. On one side I wanted to be supportive for my son and my family and all my friends with children on the spectrum and on the other day I knew that we needed a voice. Someone or lots of ppl to speak out for all the children and families that can’t speak out, the ones that are alone in this or scared.

So I decided that I would stay off facebook for the day, and join in the twitter chat to help raise awareness. And I’m glad of my decision, my day was filled with some amazing people. Surrounded by those who are in the trenches everyday and those that are affected by Autism themselves, never did I ever think that I would experience something so profound. I am blessed to have many great friends and family who are supportive of my son and me, but even more now because I am surrounded by a awesome group of ASD family.

There are times when we are very lonely, not everyone knows what Autism means for Racer or our family. Explaining it sometimes comes across as depressing or complaining. The truth of it is that when I speak out when I talk about our day or our troubles, someone somewhere knows and understands it all. It also raises awareness for Autism, because when the numbers are 1 in 110 it means that someone you know is affected by it or you will know someone affected by it soon. And if you dnt understand it when you see it then you aren’t supporting the cause.

So I’m glad that I tweet chatted, I’m glad I used my voice to raise awareness for my son. Because when he cnt speak I do it for him in the hopes of creating a world that understands and accepts him for who he is…..the wonderful bright boy that I know and love!

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