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A special Thank You to Mrs. Debbie Goodrich for having donated this beautiful guitar to Justin; funny story:

Mommy likes to watch and listen to the Antonio Banderas clip on youtube where he is playing guitar and singing, (from Desperado); Justin would come into the kitchen and mesmerized would watch Mr. Banderas play the guitar…..he would not let me “X” out of that clip……I thought, ‘maybe he likes the guitar, or maybe the singing or maybe the song’, wasn’t sure…

Recently we took Justin to our community college for some Reiki share sessions and across the way they had a class on ‘Guitar playing’ and Mr. Justin pulled me over to the glass window/doorway to watch. I saw as his face lit up as he watched the instructor play the guitar.

The next Reiki Share session, Justin kept trying to say “Guitar” and up until we passed the very same doorway (which at this particular time was open), did I know what he was trying to say, “guitar”. Once again, he pulled me toward the open doorway and
I asked the instructor if for a second, Justin could ‘touch’ the guitar. When she said it’s ok, Justin went over to one of the students and strummed her guitar, his face lit up; it brought tears to my eyes. I had no clue he was so interested in guitars.

Then, the woman, Mrs. Goodrich offered us an extra guitar she had for Justin. Again, thank you so much Mrs. Goodrich, it melts my heart the kindness of strangers that make my little boy smile (God Bless You).

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  • That is sheerly awesome. I’m glad he was able to communicate to you. Who knows, maybe as he gets older he will learn some notes!


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