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Autism Blue

light it up blue

In my kitchen, I attempted to take a casual photo which ended up looking artsy. This lipstick does wonders (MAC Dubonnet) for my pale skin. The bracelets I made at the Y on Friday, a combo of Light It Up Blue & Autism Awareness colors. I had one of my kids tie it off because I lack the skill to do so. I rock my Ipod while I wash dishes. It makes me forget the act of doing them, quite like when I’m exercising. If I’m grooving to tunes, I don’t mind being wrist deep in a week’s worth of dirty and fetid dishes. God. In. Heaven.

Nathan had some man time with J.T. They went off to the comic book store, along with a trip for some ice cream. Weekends with Mom are a little more relaxed & our schedule is more flexible. We had lunch and watched some Avatar & Spongebob Squarepants. We came home to some Wii playing and me attempting to be domestic. He had a meltdown when both Wii remotes had battery fail. I told him we could go out to get new batteries. He starting whining some more. He hates the idea of leaving the house more than not having his beloved electronics, so he is now quietly playing with Legos.

I asked him just now if he wanted to go out and get batteries and he said, “No, Mom, I want to play with my toys.” Music to my ears….if only it could be put into my Ipod so I can loop it whenever he’s in a froth over power failure. 🙂

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