Peaceful Slumber

peaceful slumber I just looked in on Daniel because I need to wake him so he can get to school in 1 hour. I could not do it.

He is in a sweet and lovely state of peaceful slumber, seemingly without the burdens of his condition. His days are so riddled with anxiety once the sights, sounds and movement start their assault. It’s Friday so there will be trash trucks, hedge trimmers and barking dogs. Then off to school where on a busy city street ambulances stream down to the nearby hospital. The back door to the school sounds an alert bell every time someone enters and exits and the staff communicate through walkie talkies. Each sound is to his brain like a slap in the face to an unaffected person. I can not imagine what he feels like having to manage so much each and every day and it is quite evident when some of those days are unmanageable

There is no way for Daniel to completely avoid those things that cause him angst but we do our best to provide him with what he needs to block out what is offensive. Unfortunately there is no way to filter everything.

The one thing I can do for him this day is let him remain in his peace-filled sleep while I call the school to inform them that Daniel will be arriving late this morning.

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Guest Submitted Post

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