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Today was not so Good for Autism…

autism …in my household that is.

It all started with a leftover banana nut muffin from breakfast. Being on a diet for the past couple of months, I thought my daughter had gotten used to having less for each meal and those close to her also cut back so she wouldn’t have to go it alone. Well today none of that even mattered and it was like the diet never existed.

She cried, screamed, ran, and literally kicked. I thought it would last only a few minutes and had forgotten what one of these episodes can be like since I hadn’t seen one in several months. I talked to her about why she couldn’t have more and even tried to modify behavior. Nothing, it got worse. I finally started bending and telling her she can have it if she gets quiet. She did and I let her have it. It should have ended there but of course it didn’t.

About an hour later when she knew I was truly fed up with the foolishness she began to call out the name of her caregivers; I took this as she wanted to be free of me and I had pissed her off to a high level of piss-osity. Boo for her because all were unavailable. We went to run errands and she kept rising up with the foolishness ever so often when were out. We got home and I was at a boiling point, my threats and rational talking had not done a thing!!

We ended up in the hallway toe to toe (she’s about 6 feet tall and 5’4) when I informed her that if she couldn’t contain her emotions and let this go that she would have to leave out of the living room where her brother and I were. She didn’t like that and kept pushing me to get past. I didn’t budge. I did eventually get back to the living room to finish cutting out pattern pieces. She came in ready to apologize requesting a hug. It was adorable but she kept a subtle whine of crankiness for another couple of hours until 1 of her caregivers became available to come pick her up.

Before I could hang up with the caregiver, Jessica was standing next to the front door ready to go!! It was funny. I laughed pretty hard and popped some tylenol. The caregiver arrived about 10 minutes later and she left out the door still making a little bit of a fuss.

A relief for her and me because I think this was more of an act of defiance considering she is a tween and wanting to press her issues and wants and me having to be the parent. I think autism had a tiny bit to do with this, mostly the incessant whining.

She came home a few hours later relaxed and pleasant. It’s funny when it’s over but very tiring when it’s happening.

I do love her very much.

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2 thoughts on “Today was not so Good for Autism…

  • she’s about 6 feet tall and 5’4? Really? How did you manage to be two heights?

  • in time, she’ll probably be more calm about things and be more observant on what she needs to do


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