Autism Tomorrow

As of March 2010, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website reports that between 1 in 90 and 1 in 110 children are diagnosed with autism, resulting in millions of people who need information and services.

As children grow, parents ask many important questions, such as, “What will my child do? How can my child function in the real world? How will my child communicate?”

Since the autism epidemic first began in the mid-eighties, hundreds of thousands of families now have a child reaching adulthood, without a comprehensive resource, to help make that transition.

The book Autism Tomorrow is both a life guide, with solutions, and a warm, heart-felt combination of two families’ stories about their sons with autism. My son, Jonny, is high functioning, while Bill’s son, Chris, requires a great deal of care and attention. Through their stories, along with the practical tips from all the authors, you will learn how to help your child build a solid and safe future.
As you read on, you’ll discover this is a book of hope and understanding. Autism Tomorrow provides solutions, makes you laugh and cry, and gives you a roadmap for your child’s future, no matter where he is on the spectrum. This is for parents, educators, caretakers, first responders, people around you, and all people with autism. It has practical lists of things to do and not to do, beginning when your child is young, and later, going out into the world. This includes school, special training, medications, classes, post-secondary education, jobs, and families.

Because we learn from each other in the world that revolves around a child with autism, we want to share what we have learned (often the hard way), about working with schools, community, and neighbors. Everything we do benefits you, and your child with autism.

Everyday life is hard, and some of the most difficult decisions relate to how to make plans for your child’s care whether you are around or not. You’ll want to know who will care for your child, where she will live, and how the life style is funded? You’ll also want to know more about what your child’s daily life will be like, whether he or she can live independently, and what kinds of documentation you’ll need to implement today to ensure your child’s best interests.

Facing each day not only brings new challenges, but also gives birth to the dawn of knowing you can take action and make decisions for a better future.

Karen Simmons, founder & CEO Autism Today

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Autism Today
Your information and resource center for everything autism-related, including an unbiased place for your voice to be heard.
Autism Today

Autism Today

Your information and resource center for everything autism-related, including an unbiased place for your voice to be heard.

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