Dear Mr. President

Dear President Obama,

I have a suggestion for you.  Instead of spending millions of dollars on your angulation celebration, after spending $1 billion on your campaign, why not do something for the people.

I challenge you to go simple on your celebration. We all know you were reelected, do we really need to waste all that money on a party to celebrate that.

Your job is to lead our country.  Like any good leader, shouldn’t you lead by example?

I’m a special needs parent to 3 boys on the Autism spectrum and trust me when I say that life in not easy for families like mine.  Honestly, I think life is rough for much of the country.  Don’t you feel guilty about considering such a lavish celebration for yourself?

I feel guilty doing anything for myself, especially when things are so challenging at home. I think that many parents feel the same way. 

Could I ask that before you dump millions of dollars into your party, which you have rightfully earned, perhaps consider that as the leader of the free world, you should be feeling the crunch as well.

I would love to see something positive happen with all that money.  Maybe you could redirect those funds to #Autism research or maybe to social programs that help families, truly in need.

We have soldiers and their families going without and maybe you could do something to help them. I mean if anyone deserves it, it’s the military families. Without them, we wouldn’t be safe.

Maybe you could use the money to help some of our impoverished schools. After all, these kids are our futures. That would be a sound investment.

I would also ask that maybe some of the elected officials, who likely make much more than the people they are supposed to represent, take a pay cut. Anyone could spend months or years trying to make a decision when truthfully, it doesn’t affect them. 

Look, I could go on forever, but I won’t.

Admittedly, I’m not a fan of your policies or the way your running this country.  However, I do respect the office you hold.  Perhaps, doing something like what I’ve suggested, could earn you my respect.

I know that my respect probably isn’t worth much to you but it’s all I have to offer.

I would suspect that by doing something for those in need, you would earn the respect of countless others as well.  You could also know that you have made a difference in someone’s life. That sir, is priceless.

I don’t expect to hear back from you or anyone else but I just wanted to speak my mind.  I see so many parents and families suffering and I honestly get angry when I read about things that I consider frivolous, receiving so much money. 

Think of all the therapy those funds could cover for kids like mine and many others that desperately need therapy but can’t afford it. Again, just a thought.

Thank you and congratulations.

Rob Gorski

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Rob Gorski
Father to 3 boys with #Autism, 1 with Fragile Health. Award winning blogger, techy and advocate. #AutismDad @GuardianLocate
Rob Gorski

Rob Gorski

Father to 3 boys with #Autism, 1 with Fragile Health. Award winning blogger, techy and advocate. #AutismDad @GuardianLocate

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