Empire of the Evil Clown

Do you have code words for things you don’t want the children to know your talking about?

Empire of the Evil Clown is one of ours. Not that we need it anymore, now the family are happy to no longer eat there.

However the Evil Clown’s Empire has been on my mind recently. 

See once a term at school I help run a special food day. In first term we had sushi, second term was pasta, this term is the annual “Footy Pie Day“. In fourth term we had planned salad wraps, but they’ve been added to the Canteen Menu, so it wouldn’t be much of a fun unusual food day.

So there we are sitting around trying to brain storm a summer food, something fun, easy to prepare and distribute to around 140 students at lunch time.

For some reason the word “McDonald’s” popped out of my mouth and wasn’t that a fun kettle of fish to open.

Word to the wise, think before you speak.

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Marita Beard
Life, the Universe and Autism
Marita Beard


Life, the Universe and Autism

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