Mick Knows Autism – just ask!

Autism Yo Mick here, the canine with style!

I’m getting all dressed up to go p-a-r-t-y!!!

Mum just finished her Master’s in Special Education and we are headed out to celebrate! She’s worked her butt off, especially in the past month to complete the degree. She was up before dawn, and in bed long after Red’s and my bedtime.

I never had a chance to get online.

But I’m back!

And I know how to have fun with autism!

So hang tight, gather up your questions and fire um off this way. I’m going to tell you ever so much more about the adventures of Red, Me (Mick) and Autism and answering questions. If you have some suggestions and stories or input, by all means, pass it along – I’d love to hear from you!

My mission besides being Red’s best companion is to help others find their way and discovering the potential fun in autism. Autism does present challenges, but what doesn’t? Fun with Autism is a mind-set that’s truly attainable.

Peace out, friends of autism,


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Irene Carroll

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