How Dare You? I’m Livid

I will apologise in advance for this post, I know I am normally upbeat and full of laughter but some people DRIVE you to insanity.

Let me explain.

I took Dannie, now 17, to her first adult neurology appointment, as she is now of adult age she was recently transferred from child to adult services. We sat through the usual blabber of past history bla bla bla, things were going as usual, I was answering the questions while Dannie totally ignored the doctor. ( nothing new there.) Then out of the blue came the comment from the consultant. “Oh I see you are of child bearing age.” I woke up sharp idly from this comment, even Dannie looked rather taken back.

I replied for Dannie along the lines of yes but that is not an issue at present.

Only to be told that it was her job to inform Dannie of the consequences, me being me, nice but dim, thought she was about to inform Dannie of the birds and bees. I sort of sniggered to myself and thought go on then, knowing Dannie’s reaction to such a conversation.
I nearly hit the floor and then the consultant when she finally blurted out ” You do realise if you do decide to have children, they WILL be disabled. I advise you to think very carefully before starting a family.

Now I have had some close calls over the years where my fist nearly got the better of me but I can honestly say the air was blue and I physically sat on my hands.

Dannie’s reaction, well thanks for putting me off before I’ve even started.

If this is the sight of things to come under the adult services you can think again. I will not allow my daughter to go through that again. EVER
Has anyone got the right to tell someone that? Let alone anyone with AS?


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