TV and Children: “God Help That Chipmunk”

You know your almost 4 year old watches way too much TV when he starts saying things like this:

  • “God help that chipmunk” – said with all seriousness during a scene in Alvin and the Chipmunks where one gets stuck in a wild remote controlled car. He has no idea what that phrase means.
  • “The suspense is killing me” – for no reason at all, just his echolalia (repeating or parroting often associated with Autism) acting up again.

Or my personal favorite, when he walks by you having a conversation with himself, using 2 different voices:

  •  “Complicated, what do you mean complicated (with arms stretched out).  You know, complicated!”  And then an awkward giggle.  It must have been a show for older kids.

That’s right, another mother of the year award for me.  Tomorrow we will cut down on TV time, I swear.

Jean Myles

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  • @keystspf@xanga – That is such a good point!  My husband and I are constantly reciting lines from movies.  We will have whole entire conversations like that.  I can’t believe I didn’t realize that.  I guess my son will be just fine! 

  • My son sang songs from musicals endlessly, it got tedious, and was forever repeating his favourite lines – the one produced most often for company was Eliza Doolittle in the race scene in My Fair Lady, “Move your blooming arse”.  

    He doesn’t have anything on the ASD spectrum, just a kid.  

  • Josh used to do that… and no, he did not watch a lot of TV. He would see something ONCE and then be quoting it for days. The Shrek quote in Walmart was after seeing the movie once. He screamed at me (at three and a half years old) “You dense, irritating, miniature beast of burden! Ogres are like onions. End of story. Bye bye, seeya later.” Only he did it just like Shrek… lowering his voice when he got to the “Ogres are like onions” part, so all everyone heard was the first part that made it look like my son was calling me a dense, irritating, miniature beast of burden… right…

    Truth be told, my husband and I are just as guilty of quoting as Josh is. I didn’t really realize how often either one of us did it until recently. One or the other of us will out of the blue quote one of any of the movies or TV shows we’ve watched… Some of the most common ones are Pirates of the Caribbean, Monty Python, Men in Tights, Veggie Tales, Star Trek, and Star Wars. Occasionally, we’ll go back and forth quoting both sides of an entire scene. So, I’m not too awfully surprised that Josh has done it since he started talking.


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