Look through different eyes


You ask me to look, when your talking to me,
So I’m going to tell you, what I actually see,
My worlds slightly different, that much is true,
I see more than words when I’m looking at you.

You see it as ignorance, when I look away,
But watching you talk, I see everything you say,
Your mouth moves too fast, it’s like watching a train,
Your nose twitches too, it drives me insane.

There’s marks on you teeth, was it garlic again?,
Thirty two freckles and spots you have ten,
You blink really fast, when your angry you know,
Not to mention the scar that’s shaped like a bow.

Yet, I’m supposed to listen, with all this going on,
If I look away, it’s me in the wrong,
I’m just trying to listen, I don’t think your aware,
So please, just think twice, don’t ask me to stare.

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