Practical Information for Adolescents, Teens and Beyond

The ages for this page are from 11 years to 18 years (and beyond),  or 6th grade/middle school through 12th grade and even post-secondary. Of course, much of what is discussed below can apply to younger children as well, simply add some tweaks to accommodate for the age differences; also see the page dedicated to practical information for younger children.  Also, don’t forget to click on the Tabs in the sidebar for more information on specific topics.

I have been autistic all my life and I turned out just fine….

Essence of Education and the Lack of Magical Realism


Fractal Moles, Unanswered Emails and a Totally Inappropriate Parental Response

Political Correctness, Autism and Bullshit In General

How my aspergean views the world

Autism Used This Time as an excuse for Criminality

Video Game Play as Therapy

Video Games-Purpose and Yes, Importance

It’s the Typical Stuff That Finally Gets You

Sibling Relationships and Mindblindness

Entitlement, Privilege and Reaching for the Dream

M is for Motivation by a Mentor (For all posts in this group read Tab AUTISM A to Z)

Of Insomnia and Cortisol

Decision Making Style and Your Child’s Future

So Far So good (Hope I Didn’t Just Jinx It)

Setting Goals and Expectations (Read PRACTICALITY Tab for more straight forward advice)

Go Big or Go Home: Helping your child have a Big Life

Charlatans, Autism and the Reality of What Helps

Never Give Up Never Give In

Id, Ego and a Sense of Self 

Some Straightforward Parenting Advice 

See the Human Being First and Not the Disability 

Raising a Child in a World without Adult Consequences for bad Actions

To all Those who Think Age and High IQ Means no Para is Necessary

Employment: What is too much support and what is not enough?

Entering the Adult World: Transitioning Out of K-12 

21 is Easier than 10 

PTSD and the Autism-Warrior Parent, Or Life’s Lessons Reviewed

Jumping In With Two Feet While Doing a Cannonball

Well It’s Done College Applications on the Way


Getting Ready for IEP Season

Back to School: Transition and Perspective

Inside the Special Needs Village  (Read the Tab SPECIAL NEEDS VILLAGE for more information)

Pragmatic Speech, the Autistic mind and Telling Your Professor He is Wrong 

Demystifying Written Language

Review and Reset 

Be Positive 

Should Your Autistic Child Learn a Second Language? 

New School Year, New Ideas for Supports

Next Leg of the Journey (Transition Plans)

Scheduling/Organization/Executive Functioning

Social Stories


Homework and the Urge to Battle Mutant Zombies (Go to HOMEWORK for more posts with suggestions and help)

Social Stories,  Purpose and Use

Social Stories: Behavior Lessons

Of Triggers, Charts, Scheduling and Perspectives

Generalizing the Specifics 

Transitioning, Practice and Eventually a Smile


On-Line Trolls, IRL Trolls, Cyberbullying and the Ability to Block 

Autism-Meme as Political Insult

Skirting the Feminist Grievance Lexicon, While Thinking About Autism Advocacy

Teaching Your Child to Think for Themselves

Bullying and the IEP

This is How a School Should Handle Bullying

Bullying Update

Adult Twitter Meltdown…Cue Name Calling and Bullying

Kudos for a New Approach to Bullying

Social Relationships/Behavior

This Time It’s Your Aspies Fault

Battling That Love-Hate Relationship

Sensory Issues While Growing Up

Self-esteem, It’s not a Trophy, Its Reality

On Death and Dying

Sportsmanship and Mindblindness

Mindblindness, Obstinancy 

The Art of Conversation 

Dinner Table Conversation

Appropriateness and the Greater Society

Politics, Hitchcock, and Patience or Raise Your Damn Hand

Manners, Etiquette and Social Convention

When Obnoxiousness Reigns Supreme 

I’m in My Rebellious Stage

Dealing with the Oldest of Hatreds  (Read REJECTING HATRED AND BIGOTRY tab)

Popularity, Girlfriends and Senior Year

Yes Means Yes, and No Means No: How to raise a son in our confusing culture 

The Importance of Role Models

It’s Not About Contraception, It’s About Self-Respect

Turning Boys Into men: Fighting Society’s Emasculation

Simon Cowell, a Culture of Rude, and Your Autistic Child

OCD, Meltdowns and School Behavior 

Remembering to Keep on Top of Social Skills and Behavior

42, the Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything 

Brave New World and Chimps on Campus 

18 Year Old Aspies in the Real World 

Know-It-All is Registered to Vote

Stress Be Not Proud 

Getting Your Aspergean to Invest in their Appearance (Remember to check out the PRACTICALITY Tab)

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Elise Ronan
The purpose of this blog is to document the practical and realistic approach taken over the decades to help our two sons grow, and develop in order become all that they are entitled to become as human beings.
Elise Ronan

Elise Ronan

The purpose of this blog is to document the practical and realistic approach taken over the decades to help our two sons grow, and develop in order become all that they are entitled to become as human beings.

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