Feeling Angry

When I’m Feeling Angry

I want to kick and scream

and stomp… STOMP… STOMP

my feet so hard

that the whole world shakes.

(from When I’m Feeling Angry by Trace Moroney)

So……. It has been Monday all day, starting at 3.30am when the child woke with a wet bed and it all went downhill from there.

On about my 4th trip to Annie’s school today the Principal grabbed me for a quick chat.  See Heidi’s application for an integration aide got turned down.  We appealed and that got turned down also.  The application and appeal were processed through the school Heidi attends for Pre-Prep.  Next year she will be going to Annie’s school and I’ve been talking to the Principal there about my concerns for Heidi having no integration aide.  The Principal at Annie’s school is very supportive and had finally tracked down in writing the reason for our application being declined.

The original application was declined because one of the therapist’s reports WAS NOT SIGNED.

One little signature missing and the whole thing gets declined.

So why was the appeal declined… because the very same therapist ONCE AGAIN DID NOT SIGN HER REPORT.

OMG! To do that once is bad enough, to do it twice when the application was declined for that very reason.

I’m feeling angry. I’m going to go and kick and scream and stomp… STOMP… STOMP

my feet so hard

that the whole world shakes.

Apologies in advance for any earthquakes etc.

At least we know why and the Principal at Annie’s school is working hard to find a way around the problem.

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