That Big Purple Dinosaur

This again was when Dannie was around three, it was near xmas and I had brought most of Dannie’s presents, at the time she was really into ‘the big purple dinosaur’ I’m sure you know who I’m talking about. That dino has a lot to answer for I can assure you. Anyway, I had bought Dannie a talking one and wrapped it up but put it on top of our fridge as Dannie was searching the house and opening everything that even resembled a xmas present. (She still wasn’t quite getting the idea of xmas day.)

To Dannie if it had her name on it then it belonged to her so in her eyes she had every right to open it. I can see her point but Dannie still couldn’t read so anything with the letter D on was now according to Dannie hers. (Which included the diet coke, the Dell, the Dyson I think you get the idea, and all family presents to others that began with D.

So I had to hide all the present in places where she couldn’t reach.

This particular day, I was speaking to my parents on the phone when Dannie ran in shouting,”Barney is in the fridge, Barney is in the fridge.” Over and over. I had to hang up the phone and go and investigate because I had forgotten all about the wrapped up present on top of the fridge.

When I got in the kitchen and realised the damn thing was talking (lovely toy shop left the batteries in it.). There I was staring at a wrapped up xmas present which was singing away “I love you”

Dannie meanwhile is all excited and jumpung up and down still shouting he is in the fridge.

I quickly called back my parents and asked them to keep Dannie talking on the phone while I rushed into the kitchen, unwrapped that lovely purple friend, and took the batteries out and hid it again somewhere in my room, I can’t honestly remember where.

So I took the phone off of Dannie and told my parents it was all clear.

When I hung the phone up Dannie had done no more than empty out my whole fridge, all over the kitchen floor, still convinced this dino was in my fridge.

When she couldn’t find him I was then screamed at “You killed him.” (Charming)

I had to think fast, so I told Dannie that Barney was in the kitchen but he had to go and say hello to some other children and that he had just popped round to see if she had been behaving.

“Okay” she said as charming as you liked and walked off back to whatever it was she was doing before ‘her friend had popped in to say hello’

Meanwhile I was left to clear up the what I can only describe as food fight which was now all over my kitchen floor. Milk,cheese, eggs, ham, you name it, it was on the floor.
Neadless to say I had to do another shopping trip the next day to replace all the food.

Thanks Barney.

Example of once they believe you can’t change their minds.


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