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Chicago’s top crime blogger is a 16-year-old with autism living with his mom

Chicago's top crime blogger“Timmy’s mom, Lisa, says his autism plays a part in the obsession. Repetitive, solitary behavior is, after all, a characteristic of the neurological disorder. “His school tells me if he finds interest in something, let him do it,” she says. “He used to like movies and stuff like that. He played video games. He doesn’t do stuff like that anymore. He’s constantly listening to [the police scanner].”

Would you sit for hours blogging about crime in your neighborhood?

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0 thoughts on “Chicago’s top crime blogger is a 16-year-old with autism living with his mom

  • @xraindropsonroses@xanga – My thoughts, too!

    I think I’d end up paranoid and/or depressed. We live in a nice neighborhood, but crime is everywhere. There were signs posted around the neighborhood during the Summer about a break-in, that was bad enough.

  • I wouldnt really want to know everything that happens in my neighbor hood; would be too scared to sleep at night.

  • I don’t think I have the ability to sit for hours! My butt is big now, I hate to think of how huge it would be if I did that.

  • Who knows … it depends.

    I imagine Chicago is a very interesting place to write about when it comes to crime. Especially when you focus on a small neighbourhood.

    Crime fiction and true crime in general are very popular among all kinds of people. It isn’t much of a stretch for me to imagine it being on the Web as well.

    It was interesting to see Timmy/Tommy’s comments on the site which you linked to.

    And it’s a bit more productive than what I usually do in regard to the police … which is to say clam up and shake.

    He’s also about to hand it to someone else … might be good to get a look at it before then.

    We will see what other newspapers in other countries and states do.


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