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Exciting plans for tomorrow at our house.

Our Teachers are on strike, so there is no school.

I’m not too sad about that because Heidi at least wouldn’t have been at school tomorrow anyway. This way she isn’t missing yet another day of learning, we are averaging about 1 day a week off for both girls at the moment due to various appointments, not to mention the whole week they had off recently because they were sick. 

Tomorrow we get to visit the allergy clinic and re-do Heidi’s skin prick test 

I’m really really hoping there is no longer a need for us to carry the epipen everywhere, it is about all that will get Heidi to the clinic because she is now aware enough to know what is going on.

I’ve updated our allergy (skin prick) test social story to include iPads and the new clinic we are visiting.

Fingers crossed all goes well tomorrow for us at the allergy clinic and for our teachers who do an amazing job for little recognition and little pay.

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Marita Beard
Life, the Universe and Autism
Marita Beard


Life, the Universe and Autism

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  • I wish the best of luck with the skin testing.  My almost 11 years old son also has several allergies and an epi pen for peanut allergy.  The first time he got peanuts when he was 18 months old he got a 1/4 of a peanut butter sandwich and his eyes swell shut.  He was tested then for peanut allergy using a blood test, which of course showed a severe allergy.  A little more than a year later we had him skin tested for environmental and food allergies.  Because we “knew” he was allergic to peanuts we did not have them test for that.  It is a bit of a long story but 3 years ago he got a hold of a small bite of peanut butter sandwich at his small private school and the paramedics were called just incase he reacted and lo and behold he did not.  We had him retested by skin test at his allergist (whom I worked for at the time) and he did not react to the skin test at all!.  We did the blood test and it was mild to moderately positive—so he still has the epi pen his allergist will not release him.  We have had him retested (blood test) every year since and just had it done this week and waiting on the results.  If his peanut allergy is finally low enough it would be nice not to have to purchase the epi pen and keep him in a peanut free environment.  I don’t think we will ever purposely feed him peanuts.       


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