Greatful for family

Simple. The question: “Why are you Grateful for your family?” It was asked on my client social media site on Mother’s Day. I loved answering it so much that I decided to share my answers here, below.

I am grateful to my daughter for being the greatest Gift and challenge of my Life, for giving me a life-time purpose and an incredible opportunity to rally my resources to help her and others like her, who also have autism. She is such a blessing to me.

I am grateful to my fiance for loving and supporting me to be all that I can be. 

I am grateful for my future mother-in-law for being so loving, open and fun.

I am grateful to my oldest sister for being so loving and helpful.

I am grateful to my brother-in-law to being a steadfast support to my sister.

I am grateful to my middle sister for showing generosity of heart.

I am grateful to my father for giving me life and teaching me to love nature and for teaching me a sense of character.

I am grateful to my now deceased mother for teaching me about the beautiful things in Life and for living it, creating it.

I am grateful to my husband for being a wonderful father and for remembering what is most important–the child that together we created.

I am grateful to his mother for being an ultra hip 60something grandmother to my daughter and for being an ever cheerful spirit and for loving my daughter so and for instilling such solid character in her son.

I am grateful for my husband’s wife for the gifts she brings to my daughter’s life. For the love she has deep in her heart for my daughter and for the team spirit she brings to their union.

And you? What are you grateful for about your loved ones?


Photo: copyright, Leisa A. Hammett, Western Lake, Grayton Beach, Fla.


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Leisa Hammett
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Leisa Hammett

Leisa Hammett

Author. Blogger. Speaker. ARTism Agent.;;

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