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The Importance of the “Mommy Meltdown” Basket to Self Regulation

We defined self regulation and dysregulation in my last post.  I want to talk about coregulation today.  Psychologist Alan Fogel describes coregulation as the “continuous unfolding of individual action that is susceptible to being continuously modified by the continuously changing actions of the partner.”  “Don’t rile up your brothers and sister!” was heard more than a […]

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Self Regulation Defined

Recently, a local Director of Special Education asked me to speak to his Friends of Different Learners group about self regulation.  “Sure,” I responded while quietly feeling a little intimidated.  What new and effective strategies could I possibly  share with parents and teachers who were already experts about the differently-abled children in their lives? My […]

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Making It Through The Rough Times

Please welcome Lateefah Wielenga, PhD!  Dr. Wielenga, founder of The Counseling Kitchen, is a life, couples and business coach based in Long Beach, California.  Today, she writes about maintaining a strong “couplehood” in the face of family challenges.  Thank you, Dr. Wielenga!     Right now you may be experiencing one of the most difficult […]

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