Dannie’s Quote of the Day

Hi all, before we begin it has been brought to my attention that now Dannie is older it seems her friends have taken an interest in this blog, so Hi Guys nice to see you here.

Now I have to put these posts by Dannie to make sure she doesn’t mind her friends knowing.

So here goes, this is a slight extension on the prawns lol.

When Dannie was younger, she was supposed to be in bed but the night in question Dannie couldn’t sleep. I was on the phone when she came into the living room, as she just sat next to me I carried on with the phone call, completely forgetting what was on tv. As I turned to look at Dannie to see if she was ok I realised she was watching tv. I said to the person on the phone I think I better turn the tv off Dannie is watching a serial killer on the loose.
Thinking that the murders would disturb Dannie I was just about to turn the tv to a different channel when Dannie started laughing hysterically when asked what she was laughing at she said the man just chopped that woman’s head off and it’s rolling down the stairs.

Needless to say I gave Dannie a very concerned look and when I asked her if it bothered her at all she just shook her head and kept laughing.

That was until the worse possible thing on this earth could of happened, the head bounced off the stairs hit a fish tank and smashed the tank to bits, this was when Dannie stopped laughing and demanded that the killer should do no more than pick the fish up and take them back to the sea.!!!!
This rant lasted a good hour and she would not go back to sleep until I told her a little white lie and said that the nice police man found the fish and took them home to put in his fish tank.

As we all know when a serial killer is on the loose the first thing the police do is grab a fish. Lol

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