How to Plan a Successful Private Birthday Party for Your Kid

A birthday party goes without saying to treat your kid on his/her special day. Whether it is a surprise or a pre-planned affair you want to make sure that everything goes as planned. There are many minute details that you need to be mindful of to make it a success.  In excitement, some tiny aspects of a birthday party sometimes miss the attention of the party planner. While for the rest of attendees it is all about fun and games for the one who is supposed to take care of planning it tends to become a challenge to execute as planned. However, at the end of the party, the smile on the face of your kid will be quite satisfying to make it all worth for.

From the venue to entertaining games or activities it is the duty of the party planner to see to it that everything has been looked after. You do not want to end up disappointing your kid on their special day. Kids wait with excitement for their birthday. So much so that, their friends in school and in the neighborhood are aware before the final date and anxiously wait for the day to arrive.

Here is how you can go about organizing a birthday party for your children:

1- Plan In Advance

There are plenty of things that you have to take care of. From invitation, food to decorations everything has to be arranged and decided beforehand. So when the day comes you have everything in place. Start a week or two prior to the birthday date. The timing has to be decided by taking into consideration that there would be a lot of children who might have to attend school the other day.

Scout for the restaurants or places where you can organize the party if you are looking for a venue outside your home. Select a place which can offer you with a private dining room. You can have all the guests in one place and enjoy the evening with your loved ones.

2- Choose an Entertaining Theme

You have to keep the guests entertained throughout the party. There should not be any dull moment. You do not want kids to start leaving the party because of boredom. Choose a theme that can get everyone excited and evoke a sense of curiosity. The theme of the party can be chosen according to what your kid likes. Be it a favorite cartoon show, a movie or some fantasy drama.

The theme you choose will ultimately decide the type of invitations, dress code and decorations. Add up some games or magic show in between to keep the guests entertained throughout the party.

3- Make a List

Your kid expects all of his/her friends will be there in the party. An easy way to make sure that you do not miss out on anyone is to make a list. Not only for the people that you are looking to invite but also for the arrangements vis-à-vis venue, food, money spent etc. It helps to stay up front with what still needs to be done.

When you have checked all the boxes on your list you can enjoy the party without worrying about if you missed anything or is there something that you cannot remember. You are sure to execute all of your plans with success with proper planning and listing.

4- Keep It Simple and Make a Goody Bag

Planning is important if you want the party to be a success. Make a goody bag for the kids to take home. Get innovative and fill it with something that will make kids happy once they return back to their homes. It is a way for the host to thank the kids for coming to the party.

When you go about planning for a birthday party the sole aim should be to plan for something fun. Something that everyone enjoys and when your child goes back to school everyone should still be talking about the time they had the previous day. Keep the above-mentioned points in mind and you are sure to plan an exciting birthday for your child.

5- Foods and Beverages

It’s time to feast. Presumably, most of your guests are kids and they love to taste whatever you have there for them. As a matter of fact, they love surprises a lot. You can prepare a DIY cake all for yourself at home well ahead of time and a nice presentation over it will never fail to please your little guests. If you top your cake with homemade butter-cream icing, it will taste divine for sure. The presentation is very important here as every food and drink should entice your guests. You can wrap water bottles with labels that add more excitement to your kid’s birthday celebrations.

There are many more dishes that you can prepare for your guests in quick time. For example, mini hotdogs could be perfect party treat that all the kids will swoon over. Honey joys are the sweet little morsels that are crispy and delicious. The guests of all ages will never forget this amazing delicacy. Potato wedges is the next tasty delight for your invitees and you can serve with dipping sauces. Another item has to be chocolate crackles and believe me, they are favorite with kids of all ages. You would simply no resist the next one – Pizza Pops. These are a great one-byte treat for the kids.  Add your favorite toppings and watch them disappear.

Moreover, the food that you prepare or the activities that you plan has to be done by keeping in mind the number of attendees. Do not go overboard with food as it might only lead to wastage. In any case, if there happens to be extra food check out local shelter home where you can donate the food instead of wasting it.

Wrap Up

It is the special day for your child and you sure want to make this day more special by throwing a party that no one will forget anytime soon. So just make sure your guests will have fun as well as delicious food. The above tips will help you in this regard.

Suzanne Winchester
Suzanne is an independent healthcare industry analyst and entrepreneur. She has two children. She loves to share her thoughts on her blog.
Suzanne Winchester

Suzanne Winchester

Suzanne is an independent healthcare industry analyst and entrepreneur. She has two children. She loves to share her thoughts on her blog.

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