Guest post from Ethan, Eli and Jodi: Autism’s other half.

My Facebook friend Jodi has contributed another post this year but this time her boys have written it themselves in words and pictures. People often describe autism as isolating; but isn’t that more to do with society? Eli and Ethan seem to be wonderful companions who complement each other. I know that life isn’t always easy when you have kids who are expected to fit in with the mainstream, but I think these boys probably find a haven at the end of each tough conforming school day, with their own brother. Enjoy. 
A word from Jodi:

“At 7 and 8 years old, my boys are now old enough to share their thoughts about being autistic…and we are excited to be able to do this as part of LisaMaree’s focus on autism acceptance. To our family, autism acceptance is incredibly important and we like to talk about how it is pretty cool to be autistic.
A bit of background to set the scene: Ethan and Eli are born 21 months apart….they are close in age and are close friends! Ethan is now 8 years old and was diagnosed with autistic disorder when he was 3. 18 months later Eli (now 7 years old) was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder- Not Otherwise Specified (PDDNOS) also at the age of 3. Eli takes the role of a protector and leader in their sibling relationship. Ethan is happy to follow Eli’s lead and they both share a silly sense of humour, as well as interests such as Star Wars, Mario Brothers, Lego. They often play together and are very affectionate with each other ….well, most of the time!”
Here is what Eli wanted to say:
I like autism. Because I love my brother and he has autism. Because Ethan is my brother that I love a lot and he has autism a lot. Also, I have autism.
My super-sense is my strength and my sense of smell and taste. Because I like scents.
Ethan’s super-sense is building and remembering things that he sees, like words. Like when mummy said “what was it called again?” And Ethan said “plastic man pudding”. (Explanation of context: Eli was referring to a time we had been looking at his superhero cookbook and I couldn’t remember the name of a recipe, while Ethan effortlessly drew it out of his amazing visual memory)
It’s very cool about autism.
Ethan wrote down his thoughts about autism:

I like to have autism.
I am good at playing with Tonka.
I’m good at knowing music that’s good!
I’m good drinking juice aren’t I am.
I like watching ABC4Kids 22!!!!!

Even when very little the boys loved getting into mischief together!
Lining pebbles up along a towel together on the beach.
Bubble fun together.
Eli with a protective cuddle for Ethan
Hand in hand walking along the beach – one of my favourite photos because it captures their closeness and affection for each other.
Lisa Maree Domican
Acceptance, Understanding and Pride in the Autistic Spectrum - from a family that knows.
Lisa Maree Domican

Lisa Maree Domican

Acceptance, Understanding and Pride in the Autistic Spectrum - from a family that knows.

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