There are things. Things that rile me; things that disgust me; things that infuriate me. Few are worse nor cause more frustration than the things that irritate me; the myriad of suffering caused daily by other people’s crass insensitivity of being alive and anywhere near the vicinity of me.

Manners or, rather, the lack of. Where have manners gone? Did they evacuate at the same time as we started to vote clowns in to political office through choice? Are we operating at levels so low that we cannot allow ourselves the simplistic courtesy of treating each other as human beings?

If I hold a door open for you, SAY THANK YOU. Ignoring me will only make me shout at “toddler in a library level” “no, thank YOU.” I won’t be shamed in to not really muttering at all “well! How rude!”, regardless of how big or elderly you are.

Did you know it’s possible to go into a shop and interact with the person that’s serving you? No need to treat them like they’re subservient or in some way mentally incapacitated to you; they’re not.  You  can say please, thank you and All The Niceties you should be extending to everyone you speak to on a daily basis.

Children; yes, other people’s children are horrible, but is it any wonder when you hear how some of them get spoken to? They’re not idiots, they’re just small people (albeit rather sticky handed small people, but small people nonetheless). How are they going to learn to be less irritating if they’re not treated properly?

Do we really need to barge into the front of bus queues? Must I always make a production of who was actually in line before and after me?

When did it become ok to scream at teachers for our children’s failures? Why are we shouting at nurses and doctors and fire service people? Why are we sitting still and letting our elected officials slowly kill our people and our country? Do any of us believe that disabled people or single parents or depressed people or ex service people or whomever we are told we should be blaming this week cause more harm than those we put in charge?

When did someone getting paid the same amount as a small country’s GDP become viewed as more honourable than stacking a shelf to put food on the table?

How did we get to the point where we vilify and misrepresent information so much that we start to believe it?

What the fuck are we doing?

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Karen Wiltshire
Ramblings from a deranged, adult company starved, wibbly mind
Karen Wiltshire

Karen Wiltshire

Ramblings from a deranged, adult company starved, wibbly mind

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