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4 Years too late

While flipping through my Parenting magazine I found this:

Fisher Price Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper

upright sleeping

What the heck?  They couldn’t have come up with this AMAZING technology 4 years ago? When I had a newborn that didn’t sleep at all for about 6 month, and didn’t sleep through the night until a year.  *Now* we know some of it must have been related to his Autism and sensory “issues.”

No, my poor little guy had to lay flat because “you should never prop them in their bassinet or crib!”  Or he had to sleep in his hard car seat,

in his hard swing, or on our bedroom floor in that bouncy seat thing.

Those were our only options 4 years ago for upright sleeping.  He slept in his swing for 2 months straight.  One of the most bizarre baby videos we have is of us going in his room after he wakes up to get him out of a swing.  Not a crib, a swing.
AND, we had to shove that huge swing into our car, and cart all 40 pounds of it everywhere we went.  On overnight trips, weekend visits, and vacations.  This newfangled contraption is lightweight AND portable!  Go figure!

This thing would have been a lifesaver!  How could they not have thought of this before?  Why couldn’t I have invented it?  I hate you Fisher Price.


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Guest Submitted Post

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0 thoughts on “4 Years too late

  • Amber Brokaw

    I feel for you hon! My (now 5 year old) would only sleep in his infant seat or in the swing until he was almost two and then it was only in the crib (he would go up and over the sides of the bed rails in a big bed) with a ceiling fan directly over his head.

    Now I am happy to say he is 5, sleeps in his own twin bed without rails. As long as the ceiling fan is on. I dread times he has to sleep without a fan. Hah.

  • oh well at least it will be a benefit to people now. you were certainly creative without it, though 😮


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