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It was almost a holiday


Mr Loyal Servant took Firstborn and Her Cuteness away for a few days this week. I remained at home with HRH so that he could have his weekly tuition. Well, it has been the nearest to a holiday I will get this year. Imagine the tranquility of having just one child, the quiet one at that, for 3 whole days when one is used to four – three children and a husband.

4 hours after they left I was a little confused. I had done all the ‘jobs’ I had planned for that day and wasn’t sure what to do with myself. I wandered around aimlessly for a bit and then decided to make dinner. As I didn’t have to stand over the cooker saying ‘HOT, don’t touch’ I was able to clean the bathroom while waiting for dinner. This was a big treat. I didn’t have to shout ‘No Her Cuteness, that is a toiletbrush, not a toothbrush!’. Bliss!!

HRH occasionally went to the window and noticed my car was gone. At these times he sobbed ‘Noooo, noooo, Mama!’ and I ran to comfort (and confuse) him with my presence. He sometimes wandered around the house calling ‘Baddy’ and ‘Thith’ (lisp anyone?), his brother and sister. But we had more cuddles and quailty time than you could shake a stick at, so he did well overall and I loved having him all to myself.

The other big advantage, of course, is that the house was very quiet and stayed clean all on its’ own *gasps*. I must get Mr LS to take himself and some children away more often, for bonding time you understand! Still though, I don’t think I could do it for too long. It is altogether too efficient and just a little bit lonely!

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  • Isn’t it nice?  My mom took my boys to the beach for 3 hours the other day and I was in absolute HEAVEN!


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