Jumping to Success


After my daughter reached the age of one, we really started to see the decline in many social parts of her life. We already received very little eye contact, which diminished even more then. She was very unreceptive to touch, hugging, kisses were a noooo, and her language became completely obsolete. Much of her time was spent doing very little play with toys or any other pretend activities whatsoever. Her favorite activity was watching videos while holding on to her dear pink blankie bear, sniffing it, often, and jumping crazily on whatever surface held her. This went on for a great deal of her second year, while I gently, yet relentlessly, pleaded with her to take on other activities, met with much rejection. It was truly at that point that we as a close family unit (daddy, grandma & grandpa) had accepted the title of autism.

I was ready to begin my search for answers. I came across the use of trampolines in therapy for autistic children and thought, oh that is the thing for her! Now mind you, at this point, there was again: no touching, no eye contact, no recognition of others in the room, no play, etc. We bought the trampoline, set it up and immediately she knew what to do. She jumped her little heart out. Within days we started to reap the benefits. We started receiving eye contact, smiles, recognition of people (especially daddy), and many other things. The first toy that she picked up and could play with “appropriately” after this therapy began (after many months of turning over and spinning the wheels on it) was the rolling xylophone. When she picked up that stick and started belting out those notes, I cried. That trampoline was the best $100 I’ve ever spent in my life.

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Guest Submitted Post

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  • June 16, 2010 at 9:37 pm

    That is so fantastic 🙂 We love our trampoline – both my girls benefit immensely from the proprioceptive input it provides.  I was also lucky enough to obtain a free standing hammock that we put in our lounge room. After a hard day at school my 7yo loves to come home and swing for a while – she finds it very calming.


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