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Shower Stics Help Autistic Children with Bath Routine – Parents Delighted!

bath routine Sticviews has been working with Carla Graham, an advocate for autistic children, by developing shower stics that train children in what she calls “self care”. Carla approached us with an idea to put our white stic material in her shower, and it would visually show the steps of taking a shower. The plan was to help keep her two autistic children on task as they maneuver through a complex set of steps for taking a bath. Carla took actual photos of the kids’ bathroom – pictures of the shower curtain, the drain, faucet, soap, and towel. We created a simple 7 step graphic that shows these steps in an easy to read format, and put it up in her shower.

Carla is delighted with the results. She says it helps her children because “they think in pictures, and they have trouble processing speech effectively. The step by step pictures help them see the steps visually.” When they get off track, Carla asks them what step they were on and asks them, “What is next?” Then the children know how to get back on track and complete the bath routine.

Here’s a video we made illustrating how Carla’s daughter, Ainsley, used the shower stic.
(Thanks to Landon Austin for donating his music track for the video!)

If you would like to purchase the bath graphic visit Carla’s site Arts Helping Humanity, which is Carla’s art company that sells art to benefit a variety of causes. You can create your own sticker with educational steps and instructions for your kids or business using the easy 3 step process on

Step 1 – select your size, shape and material for your project. (White stic is the best material for tiles, showers, and cars. It is your basic vinyl sticker material except all sticviews materials come off clean! That means they wont harm your home’s wall, windows, doors or tiles and they can be easily removed.)

Step 2 – upload your graphic that you designed for your instructions.

Step 3 – customize it by editing your images, adding background colors, or putting on your own text or monograms. You can also work with multiple image layers. Add it to your cart when you’re done. It’s that easy!


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