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The Horse Boy – Movie Review

horse boy It was another day at the office and even though I haven’t really updated my xanga for quite some time [I have been blogging somewhere ….] I decided to see what going on in  the realm of xanga world when I saw edlives post regarding a free advance screening event in NYC! Hmm.. sounds like a great opportunity since I’m a big independent film supporter and is looking for a new gig to review for my portfolio! So alas, to edlives I responded and the rest was history for this film has changed my life for good.

To be honest, I have no real knowledge on what autism is aside from what is typically portrayed in society and the media; autism as a mere mental disability. Given that I am a (non medical) researcher by trade, it makes sense for me to gather some more info regarding autism before the event but I held back as I want to take a raw interpretation on what the movie has to offer.

The movie started relating the love story of a couple. It was a picture perfect romance that is full of promises until they discovered the condition that their only son, Rowan, is suffering. Together as a family they embarked on a journey to the other side of the world in hopes of curing their son. I admire the determination of the parents to go all the way to Mongolia. It shows great faith (or can be also construed as desperation)  – or maybe just to see him happy as the child connects with the horses.

What amazes me is the strength of the love of the characters as parents but most especially as a couple. I applaud their ability to keep their humor intact during the whole trip. Not once did the couple show tears in the movie (although one scene showed Isaac almost crying and asking the camera to stop filming him) and their unwavering focus is really evident throughout the entire film.

This movie opened my eyes to the condition of autism. How this “disorder” affect us all. I know I have yet to learn more about this subject but from what I had gathered from the movie is that it is a condition that is far common than what society seem to accept. It gave me an impression that in our current society, somehow autism (or to a certain extent of it) is treated how left-handedness was decades ago. It was a good thing that there were medical professionals that were able to point out the qualities of autism that has help us shape our society such as the invention of essential   And as mentioned by the medical professionals in the movie, the environment has a lot to do with the development of autism and as they move to the cleaner far east, it seems like their child’s condition turned for the better.

It is just my hope that with the help of this movie, society can take this topic of autism seriously and actively. I hope that it would urge others to take action on how we can all cope and deal with this condition as a human race rather than turn our back for it is after all, affects each one of us.

Editors note:

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Stay tuned.

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