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Meet my little brother

little brother My little brother Anthony is the most hyper, nervous, ball of energy I’ve ever seen. He is always talking, and he has no clue what the meaning of the words “inside voice” means. He is one of those kids, who doesn’t know when to stop playing around. I remember when he was just a baby, the day he was born, it snowed and snowed and snowed. January 5th, 1996, One of the biggest snow storms in New York.

I was only five when he was born, I didn’t understand, I thought he was magic, and he brought the snow. So his nick name was the snow baby. Very unoriginal, but it stuck. I remember I would protect him from people. I was like the bodyguard from hell. I wasn’t jealous, I was cautious. I didn’t live with my mother and HIS father the whole time though, I was somewhere else. I moved back in with them when he was five, and I was ten. My little sister Victoria and Michael were born after that. 

Anthony was always spoiled though, our grandpa Billy would hug him, and love him more then any of us. Since the day Anthony was born, he was attached to him. He loved him, and we all knew that. Grandpa B had diabetes, and he died when Anthony was three maybe four, but he still understood.

I don’t know if that is why he tries so hard to stay a kid or not, but my 13 year old brother, acts like a 5 year old. He is the oldest out of the children, and he acts like the baby. Up until this year, he couldn’t tie his shoes, or fasten his belt.

I try so hard to be calm and to talk to him, but it’s so hard. He just keeps playing around. Not to mention his size. He is so tiny. Short and boney, I’m scared. He is your typical teenage boy though, he plays video games. He runs around outside, (when his asthma lets him) he isn’t good at sports though. Not real ones anyway, give him a ball, he will though it up in the air and hit himself in the head. Give him a video game, he will have beaten everyteam, twice, within a matter of days.

He likes music, but he doesn’t know about the names of the bands, he just likes the songs. He writes stories about monsters and aliens, he get scared when he writes to much, and is to detailed. I try and read it, but he writes chicken scratch. I don’t blame him, because my writing sucks too. All of ours do.

I believe it’s because we were always scared, and shaking because of my mom and my stepdad fighting. We did our homework trying to drownd out the sounds of screaming. She used to stand over me and she would scream and carrying on if I wrote something wrong, or had to erase to many times. This isn’t about me though, it’s about Anthony.

He isn’t stupid, not at all, he’s very smart. He just won’t use his brain power for anything other then video games, or to make jokes. He tells a lot of joke, most aren’t that funny, but once in a while he can make me laugh.

His grandmother, always called him baby Tony, since her son, his father, was big Tony. I’m not blaming her either, but somewhere along the lines, he got it in his head that acting like a baby is the way to be. I don’t understand. Maybe it’s not his fault. The doctors have diagnosed him with Aspergers. A form of Autism. I try and talk to him like he’s a teenager, or a pre-teen for that matter. Nothing works.. Between that and his horrible asthma, my mother is at the end of her rope. She’s never been a patient person.

Lately he’s picked up cursing. A 13 year old calling you a stupid bitch, when all you did was tell him that he couldn’t stay up till 2am on the playstation is a bit harsh. Or asking him to do the dishes, or sweep his bedroom floor. Don’t dare ask him to take a shower, he might scream his head off. Oh, and never, ever, talk to him when he’s watching TV, ever. Unless you have a death wish, or like having a killer headache that no amount of drugs can get rid off.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my brother, I just wish I could understand him, and what goes on through his mind when he does the things he does, or says the things he says.

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0 thoughts on “Meet my little brother

  • First of all I just want to say that this was an awesome story. It is clear that you are a supportive, loving companion for your brother and on some level he is aware of that. I only wish, for you and your siblings sake you had more adult support. My son and my husband both have Asperger’s and if there is one thing I have learned it is that you have to find a way into their world. You and your brother can have a great relationship if you learn how to communicate with him. Try talking to him about the video games. Ask him what he likes and how he feels when he plays them. Then incorporate other topics into the discussion, but use the video game as a model for the discussion.

    For example, if you want to teach him how to play catch – use the video game language while playing catch with another friend while Anthony is watching, or at least within ear shot. Catching the ball five times makes it past the first level. The second level might involve throwing the ball before the alien destroyer throws his.(or whatever) Use your imagination and draw him in with the story.

    Take care of yourself and each other. Stay strong. I know it can be frustrating – try to remember that he can’t help this. (((hugs)))

  • I did meet that little brother!

    He’s pretty awesome, I must admit…actually, the three of them were wonderful. Hands down.

    I saw the pic of the 3 of them, and smiled. Hope they’re still doing okay at the moment.

    Don’t forget to breathe, Dommie! It’s good for you.

  • The best you can do is be patient and keep talking to him. Eventually, as he grows older, he should calm down a bit. But good luck until then. He’s adorable btw, 

  • just try to talk to him more and be there for him. talk to him on a personal level and open up to him and stuff. yeah he’s young but that’s just it. he’s still growing. good luck =]

  • I wonder if my little brother has aspergers. He’s 4 years younger than me– 15 years old.
    For a few years he couldn’t talk. And we were told he was autistic. he finally started saying words and kinda repeating what he heard the TV say. He would be mesmerized by the television. He went to speech therapy and special ed classes. Once he started talking he would never shut up. He talked and talked and talked. It was real words, but It was just like nonsense. He was obsessed with video games. He went through this phase of crying about everything. He was physically aggressive when angered. He learned the piano quite quickly. Right now he’s like antisocial. He’s into drawing comics and listening to rock music. Not so much video games. But he’s obsessed with poker. He makes more sense when he talks, but it’s still not normal. His talking is sometimes like mumbling. I think he has very low self esteem. Right after church he doesn’t talk to anyone, he goes straight to the car and sits there by himself. He’s very awkward around people. He’s also starting to cuss. He actually just went through this scary phase of smoking. But he doesn’t do it anymore. He hanging out with some loser “gangsters” at school who ended up getting expelled. He started sagging his pants and lying a lot and making failing grades. Now it’s the summer time. he doesn’t hang out with anyone. He stays in his room or goes on the computer.
    I really wish I could understand what goes on in his head. I’m also wondering what is wrong with him. Why are his social skills at level zero? It’s like he becomes a totally different person in front of other people and the public.

  • What a smile he has! You are so fortunate to have one another. Be strong!

  • Awh. I know how you feel, i have one of those too. My 22-year-old “little brother”
    Well actually he’s calmed down more as he got older so he isn’t as hard to deal with anymore.
    ^ ^ stay strong

  • I know exactly how you feel. My brother has a form of autism and even thought he’s 15 he still can’t tie his shoes and if you ask him to do anything that doesn’t pertain to a video game he has a melt down. It’s really frusterating

  • I know what you mean. My brother is five years younger than me as well, but I feel like I’m his mom since my parents are always working. Sigh..

  • *hug*

    I can’t say I know what you’re feeling.  So all I can do is offer support.  I do have a little cousin who is “mentally handicapped” but I don’t live with her and take care of her.


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