Why A Full Moon Affects Children With Autism

Why a full moon affects children with autism can be an interesting question.  Think about it for a minute.  The word lunacy comes from Latin ‘luna’ which is  the moon, because the full moon was believed to make people behave in a crazy way.  Some of our children’s behaviors can border on lunacy during the moon cycles.  Why do you think that is?

I am not saying our children with autism are raving lunatics.  I become a raving lunatic when I don’t have coffee in the morning.  I’m saying their behaviors can border on over the top.  They simply can not help themselves.  There are two pretty common trains of thoughts as to why this is occurring. One is that the moon has gravitational pull on the water. We are made up of 80 % water.  It only stands to reason that full moons would affect all of us as well.

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That’s the kicker.  Full moons don’t affect everyone in the same way or at all.  Some people go through life with no behavior changes ever from a full moon.  Some people really respond to the full moon  in ways that are undeniable.  This is the same for our children with autism.  Some children with autism have no difference while some bounce off the walls. What could be the difference between the two?

Parasites.  Yep, you read that correctly.

A “parasite” is defined as an organism (a plant or animal) that lives on or in another host organism in a way that harms or is of no advantage to the host. Most often people link the word “parasite” with “helminths” or worms we can harbor inside the body, but they’re not the only ones. Candida albicans are unicellular yeast organisms that INITIALLY DO NOT ACT AS A PARASITE, but could change into its fungal form and BECOME ONE.

Candida is probably the most cunning and deadly parasite one can have in the body because it wrecks havoc in our ENTIRE internal environment. Imagine developing health problems from skin rashes, allergies, food sensitivities in its mild to moderate form, to depression, hormone imbalances, psychological instability like depression, behavioral problems like autism and even cancer in its moderate to severe form.

There has to be a TWO-PART management of Candida which should ALWAYS be the comprehensive approach to management of it. If you only use probiotics, it wouldn’t change anything. If you only use an anti-fungal, it wouldn’t make any difference. You’re just going to go in circles… meaning, you’ll STILL deal with the complications of yeast overgrowth

The parasitic form of Candida is a fungus. ANTI-HELMINTHIC kills intestinal worms… and Anti-helminthic drugs DO NOT KILL Candida in its fungal form.

Parasites aren’t just for third world countries.  Parasites can get into children or adults through improper hand washing after using the bathroom, handling raw meat,  cleaning a litter box, letting kids play in an uncovered sandbox, etc.

 It’s my understanding  that the full moon causes changes in behavior because that’s when parasites eggs hatch and that causes changes in children’s behaviors. Vets will treat animals for parasites during a full moon because it’s  the best time to be the most effective.  Lots of parasites hatching will cause discomfort and behavior change in anyone.  Imagine being non verbal so you can’t tell anyone what’s happening. Parasites can live anywhere from the brain to the organs to the gut. 

How do you treat parasites? Your doctor can prescribe medication if you desire.  There are some natural ways to treat them as well.  You can treat parasites with herbs or essential oils. You should start treatment a few days before the full moon continuing until a few days after.  Also, parasites release toxins to fight the treatment.  Be sure to include epsom salt baths increase magnesium to help the body safely detox.


A high quality probiotic is worth it’s weight in gold here. Spend the money on a good one not a cheap one.  My favorite is ProBio5 from Plexus.You could also use the essential oils for the above herbs.  Place them in a vegetarian capsule to swallow or use Manuka honey to get them down.  Ocotea essential oil orally 2x per day is great for yeast. If you are going to use oils, especially for ingestion, be sure you are getting a high grade that is approved for ingestion. Most that you can get at the health food stores are just for topical and diffusers.

Another viable option is to use Hbot or hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  We did 100 dives with Logan when he was about 7 or 8. It was hands down the best yeast treatment we ever did with him. I have no idea if he has parasites at the time as that was not being considered in autism circles at the time.  He did have an over the top yeast overgrowth that we were unable to lick no matter what we did.  Yeast in addition to other parasites can not thrive in an oxygen rich environment.  Similar to cancer cells, they seek out an oxygen poor environment.  If you can’t get into a hbot then the next best things would be hydrogen peroxide or Oxypowder.

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Penny Rogers
Just a Florida homeschooling mom attempting to navigate autismland with my teenage son with autism and the rest of my goofy family. We love Jesus and live gluten free . One kid with celiac and one gluten free for his autism. We utilize the Charlotte Mason approach mixed with lots of field trips as well as jaunts to Walt Disney World. Just sharing my adventures to make you feel better about your family and maybe learn a thing or two that helps !
Penny Rogers

Penny Rogers

Just a Florida homeschooling mom attempting to navigate autismland with my teenage son with autism and the rest of my goofy family. We love Jesus and live gluten free . One kid with celiac and one gluten free for his autism. We utilize the Charlotte Mason approach mixed with lots of field trips as well as jaunts to Walt Disney World. Just sharing my adventures to make you feel better about your family and maybe learn a thing or two that helps !

3 thoughts on “Why A Full Moon Affects Children With Autism

  • Full moon means bright night means your sensitive autistic child gets less sleep which means crankier which means the “worse” (heavy quotes) aspects of autism are a bigger deal. There, I solved your puzzle riddle master.

  • Wow! This is possibly the most ill-researched piece of false information I’ve ever seen!
    Practically none of the information in this post is true. The only somewhat-truth I’ve seen is that candida albicans can cause infections, but that’s about it.
    First off, the claim that yeast becomes a parasite when it “becomes its fungal form” is comically untrue. Yeast IS a fungus. Yeast can’t “become its fungal form” any more than you can become your human form. Many yeast varieties exist naturally in the human body, and cause no harm. The problem occurs when their numbers grow out of control. This is still NOT a parasitic infection— since yeast aren’t parasites. You can call it a fungal infection, sure, but yeast don’t have the effect of directly taking many nutrients from you body that most parasites do.
    Also, the concept that parasite eggs hatch during the full moon is flat-out ridiculous. First off, yeast is a fungus. Fungi don’t have eggs. Yeast reproduce by splitting themselves in half in a process called “budding”. And for both yeast and all other parasites, their life cycles have absolutely nothing to do with the moon. Parasites’ goal is to infect their host as quickly as possible, and most parasites reproduce multiple times PER DAY. A handful of yeast cells can produce hundreds of new cells in a minute (that’s how bread is made, after all!). So why would a group of creatures whose only goal is to reproduce as fast as possible wait for a single day per month to have all their eggs hatch? Simple: THEY DON’T. And the idea of a tiny creature who doesn’t even have eyes waiting for a specific moon cycle to reproduce inside of your body is ridiculous to boot. Vets also do not treat animals for parasites specifically on the full moon. Some “holistic” vets might, but a lot of that spiritualism isn’t scientifically supported at all, so any vet worth a pile of beans would treat parasites when they arise, instead of waiting for a specific time of the month (and letting the parasite do more damage in that span of time!)
    And finally, the concept of the moon affecting humans in any way at all is laughable. Yes, the moon’s motion around the earth and its gravitational pull affects tides of oceans and other bodies of water. But the thing is, the moon and the oceans pull on one another so powerfully because of the ENORMOUS mass of water in the ocean. Anyone with a basic education in physics will tell you that the gravitational attraction between two objects is calculated by multiplying (object 1 mass) X (object 2 mass) and dividing by (distance between objects squared). From this equation, we can tell that since the moon and the ocean have such huge masses, they’ll have a big strong pull on each other! But for a human with a very tiny weight, the force on them by the moon is gonna be negligible. This equation also tells us that two humans standing next to each other have a gravitational attraction towards each other, too! But you can’t feel that, can you? The same thing happens with the moon and you— the effect really doesn’t do much.
    In summary, the moon doesn’t have any effect on your autistic child. It’s purely a placebo effect since you believe it and thus are misattributing normal behavioral fluctuations to some magical quality of the moon. The above article is extraordinarily poorly-researched pseudoscience, and should not be taken seriously in any respect.

    P.S. don’t use essential oils as a substitute for medical treatment, ESPECIALLY taken orally. It’s extremely easy to poison yourself with essential oils given how concentrated they are, and their “benefits” aren’t proven in any respect.

    Sources of information: My biology/psychology degree.

    An individual who’s very concerned about the state of misinformation on the internet these days.

    • I think we dive easily into the ‘it’s the moon’ thing.

      However, I have noticed that the moon impacts the weather and the tides, and one of the issues I’ve seen in our own son’s life is that when the barometric pressure changes dramatically – so does his behavior.

      The barometric pressure has been scientifically measured to be a result of weather changes, and the moon is a part of that process.

      In this regard, I see a correlation between the moon and behavior… but more that it’s really the barometric pressure that impacts the behavior.

      It took us years to realize why this is, and it has to do with migraines.

      When there are sharp increases or decreases in barometric pressure, it causes pain to those who are sensitive to it. Such is the case with our son, as his behavior became violent whenever there is a sharp increase in pressure. Just so happened that many of these pressure changes coincide with different phases of the moon.


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