Why does autism coincide with mitochondrial problems?

There’s a lot of discussion among researchers these days about why so many people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) have mitochondrial issues.

What are mitochondria? They are energy-producing organs inside each cell of our body. They take inputs from the bloodstream and from previous mitochondrial processes and create outputs that keep the body going in a number of ways. Most importantly, the Yasko protocol that has so helped my Asperger’s son addresses malfunctions in these mitochondrial processes using a variety of supplements.

Anyway, Dr. Amy Yasko, the researcher whose protocol many autistics have benefited from, has authored a paper with an MD, Nancy Mullan, looking at why these mitochondrial processes are disrupted in so many people with ASD, those with genetic markers for this, and those without.

In brief, what could be causing the autism epidemic? Take a look.

Phyllis Wheeler

0 thoughts on “Why does autism coincide with mitochondrial problems?

  • If it did, then that would be an interesting question.  But you people really have to stop making up correlations before asking rational people to explain them. 

    There is no autism epidemic.  No statement based on the belief that there is can have factual validity.  Your premises all have to be grounded in reality before a logical discussion can bear fruit. 


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