Help IS NOT ON THE WAY – so “Buck Up”

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
– Martin Luther King,

I am outraged by the death of a 15 year old child with autism, at the hands of the Calumet City Police Dept.

A 15 year old child with autism was shot 1st shot in the torso and again in the head by officers within the Calumet City Police Dept.

Stephon Watts had autism.  The Calumet Police Dept says they were aware of Stephon’s neurological disorder before they arrived @ the Watts home.  Stephon’s family  repeatedly reminded the 5 officers that came to their home that Stephon had autism.

Stephon Watts had autism.

People with autism have aggressive and violent tantrums.  .  The aggressive and violent tantrums are not because of bad parenting, a neglectful household or a rotten child.  The aggressive and violent tantrums are due to autism.

My 9 year old son has autism and aggressive & violent  tantrums.  It is heartbreaking and fierce and I am often left with scratches that bleed for hours  and arms that look like raw meat.  This is part of autism.

2 years ago on a sunny, spring morning here in Chicago, in our cheap & cheerful rental, my child had a very bad tantrum.  Not even our worse morning or tantrum. Apparently a neighbor called the police.  As the tantrum was winding down (My son did not want to turn off his lap top and go to school – same circumstances as Stephon Watts) the door bell rang & it was the Chicago Police Dept.

The policeman asked if I was the only adult  in the house & I said yes, as I stood there with arms bleeding form scratched and hands swollen from pinching.  I explained my son had autism.  the officers were dumb founded & asked if I needed help “Hell yes!  I need help!” & the police left, no report was filed and I have never heard back from anyone regarding my affirmation that Yes, I needed help.

I am disgusted that a family had no other option than to call the police to help calm their 15 year old son who has a Neurological Disorder.

Stephon Watts & his family were in crisis.   Stephon Watts & his family needed help.


Do we help members of our community in crisis?

Seems we do not.

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