Top 10 Sentences Heard in Our Home

In the historic tradition of the woman’s obsession to make lists I present to you…

Top ten sentences you hear in my autistic household! Naturally most of these will be said by myself or husband as in the main the kids are non verbal..I think you’ll spot the kids sentences…
In at….

10:       “That’s my eyeball”

Jesse has discovered body parts and her favourite is your eyeball…not your eye, your eyeball!

9:         “Wheres the *? It’s somewhere here, when you see it wave and cheer!”

Taken from the special needs idol Justin fletcher aka mr tumble! It’s the easiest way to focus the kids attention on something and the star can be replaced with a myriad of thing “toast”, “bed”, “tv”, “mommies sanity”…you get the picture.

8:         “Ouch!”

Ouch! can cover many occasions such as being bitten, scratched, climbed on or kicked in the privates…very useful.

7:         “Where’s his Thomas?”

Thomas is a tricky engine! He can get himself lost very easy which causes much upset to Cody and can cause confusion and delay!

6:         “Who’s done this?”

THIS can be anything. Drawing on the walls, puddles on the floor, milk all over the sofa, peas chucked on the floor, telly decorated in shaving form. The answer is normally a) the boy one or b) the girl one. It’s never me or lee!

5:          “digga digga digga digga digga”

Jesse uses this to communicate a rainbow of emotions from happy to downright Mardy! 

4:          “Nooooo! Stop it!” (vocal imitation taken from “the Exorcist”)

Heard often when given an instruction or when something is not to his satisfaction. I’m really glad Cody has learnt this one and his eagerness to use in all situations is to be admired! 

3:           “Get down!” the window sill…off the computer desk….off the back of the sofa….off the top of the cupboard..normally ignored but worth saying so others think you are at least trying to be responsible!

2:            “But I spent ages cooking that….

This is normally used after a disastrous breakfast, lunch or dinner. It usually follows an episode of chasing them round the house with plate in hand, cleaning it up off the floor or whilst staring at the untouched plate of delicious food going cold on your tiny ikea kids dining table that they never sit at!
To avoid over use of this saying put down a bowl of twiglets instead.

And the number one saying in our house?

“What do you want?” (variations include “whats the matter?” “why are you doing that?”)

Asked continuously by us but never answered….kinda like “what is the meaning of life?!”


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Donna Street
The story of a mother and her Autistic children.
Donna Street


The story of a mother and her Autistic children.

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