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A Proud Father

As a father of an autistic girl I wondered many a time whether I am responsiblen for her condition.

Why this autism should catch our family more than anybody else I kept asking myself. Could not get any convincing answers.  Even children born to poorest of poor and dwelling on pavements are normal and they do well to fight and survive in a harsh world.

My wife feels that her delivery was normal but slightly delayed and whether lack of oxygen for a few seconds could have caused this autistic condition or the high fever and fits she developed when one year old affected her. She wished that the family friend and male Gynaecologist performed even caesarian section to bring out the child rather than wait for delivery to become normal.

We can all think and talk and discuss but answer is always elusive.

But look at the beautiful daughter now and her intelligence to outsmart us,and her skill in assembling complex jigsaw puzzles and her command over us to perform make us think what if she had been normal…Oh she would have made us dance.

She might not take care of us but she takes care of herself to an extent and my other daughter will do the rest.

With this motto we work hard day and night to make environment comfortable.  

One Doctor told us that God has chosen us to take care of this angel and we oblige with absolute care.

We are proud of our daughter as she has strengths and weaknesses far different from any of us but she cannot tell a lie, she calls a spade a spade and she is least bothered about keen onlookers.  Because onlookers remain onlookers here or everywhere and what we need is not sympathy but affection.

She is a mind reader in a way and she pours affection on persons who are affectionate in the real sense.

May her tribe increase in this world of deceitful people who are sure to be outnumbered in the years to come.

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