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Question about Medication Called Cerebrolysin


I am parent of a 4 year kid with Autism Asperger, in Monterrey Mexico.

I would like to know if you have any reference of a Medication named Cerebrolysin.

According to our Dr. It was originated for Alzhaimer and on the last years it has been proved to have good results for Autism, he refers that in from Russia, & in Germany and Europe it has been increasing the use of it for Autism, aslo the Dr. Told me that in US is relativly new as well in Mexico.

I will like to know if you have references, articles, and general information for the risks, benefits & results of trying this medication.

I will appreciate any help you can provide.

Has anyone tried or heard about this medication?  

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  • cerebrolysin, yes dear.. I’m a mother of an autistic male child at the age of 4yrs+9mons.

    still searching as well. still asking the dr. as I read , the pilot test running the medice with hyperbaric oxygen therapy is still on a very few no. of volunteers. yet, the percentage of emprovement could reach 80% I heard. No exact answers. kindly contact me on my e-mail so we can exchange the out comes of our experience: [email protected]

    I will be seeing the dr. tomorrow in the after noon. Ciro time.

    All the best of luck to our childern. take good care of your child and yourself as well.



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