Video: Autism from a child’s point of view

Some of you who know me, know a little about me. Most of you know, although I don’t talk much on here anymore, that I have a 3 year old son on the spectrum. As we work for a sound diagnosis, I often find myself weeding through books, blogs, articles, videos, and everything else I can possible get my hands on just so that I can understand my son’s quirks, behaviors, and his own frustrations he experiences every day.

I came across a video that a friend of mine posted on face book about the world of Autism much from the Autistic child’s point of view. It was different than anything I have ever seen, and I was amazed with the clarity, the intelligence (no I don’t doubt an autistic child’s intelligence, I simply mean the fluency,) and the emotion (both from the child and family, and emotion that arose in myself.)

Please take a look. I promise you will enjoy. 🙂

David Berkowitz
Blogger, Youtuber, Nonprofit Founder to help autism via the arts, and sales guy.
David Berkowitz


Blogger, Youtuber, Nonprofit Founder to help autism via the arts, and sales guy.

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  • What she says is so very true.  People like to “ask the fish why the horse is sick”.  If you want to know why a person with Autism does something, one must get that information from someone who has it.  It is like people reading a work of literature and trying to make up meanings for what the author intended when all one has to do is ask them.  Making up new meanings or asking what it means “to you” does not alter the actual intent of the author and actually serves, instead, to only confuse the real meaning.  In the same way, asking so-called experts who have only an outsider’s perspective would be like asking their opinion on what a child’s actions mean “to them.”


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