Thank You Mother Goose

Back when Heidi was first diagnosed in 2007 we were on long wait lists for early intervention services. While we waited Heidi was placed in a ‘Mother Goose Music Program for Children with Developmental Delays’ (I wrote about it in passing here, here and here). I really didn’t write about it much, we were only there one term before Heidi was lucky enough to find an early intervention spot. However that one term made a big impression, it reinforced how much both my girls respond to music and song, I could get Heidi to do stuff by using a sing song voice. It was amazing and it was worth the long trip out to Glenroy every week.

So today I have a kind of vlog, because I have recorded to share with you one of the rhymes – complete with actions – that we learned together at the Mother Goose program.


(apologies for some of the actions being cut off, I was rather hugely terrified about the whole first time vlogging thing and was a shaking mess after recording, this is the best take.)

I’m so very thankful for that program, only a few short weeks we attended and it has made a lasting impression.


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Life, the Universe and Autism
Marita Beard


Life, the Universe and Autism

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