Autism Hero Highlights

There are so many fabulous blog posts about Autism and Aspergers that I discover each week I thought it was time to showcase them.

I’m posting on Saturdays so I can link up with the wonderful #SpecialSaturday on Twitter.

1. Over at <a title="Disability Sex Education and Information
” href=”” target=”_blank”>Disability Sex Education and Information.

This caught my eye as I was researching literature to start introducing to the girls bookshelf

” Everyone who lives in this world, whether they have sex or not, whether they desire sex or not, should have access to a good sex education.”


2. This one is really handy for all the extra socialising during the silly season: <a title="18 common phrases to avoid in conversation
” href=”” target=”_blank”>18 common phrases to avoid in conversation

What Not to Say About Someone’s Appearance
Don’t say: “You look tired.”
Why: : It implies she doesn’t look good.
Instead say: : “Is everything OK?” We often blurt the “tired” comment when we get the sense that the other person feels out of sorts. So just ask.

Hmmm someone the other day said to me ‘Is everything OK?’ now I’m wondering if that was secret code for ‘you look terrible’

3. Some great new links here <a title="Top 10 Fun Websites for Kids with Autism
” href=”” target=”_blank”>Top 10 Fun Websites for Kids with Autism
as well as some links I’m familiar with from school.
4. A post from the lovely Kate of Kate Says Stuff <a title="If you could help kids with Autism in just a click would you do it?
” href=”” target=”_blank”>If you could help kids with Autism in just a click would you do it?

Raising much needed funds for Autism support centre ‘Learning for Life’

“Leonda have agreed to donate $1 for every Facebook liker, Twitter follower and LinkedIn connection they get until the end of November in support of Learning for Life.

Will you help? Simply click the following links, follow and ‘like’ then come tell me you’ve done it so I can say thankyou.”

You can find Kate on Twitter and Facebook.

5. Special Education Advisor has a list of Special Education and Special Needs Google + Brand Pages

A fantastic list of resources all in the one spot, very helpful.

You can find Special Education Advisor on Facebook and Twitter.


6. And finally an amazing post from the wonderful Stimey at Stimeyland Not Even Wrong.

This says everything:

“It also perfectly encapsulates what I want for my kid—a place, an existence, where it is okay for him to be not even wrong. Because I love the way Jack’s brain works. I love the way autism has given him this unique perspective that lets him come up with some of the most amazing things. I adore his not even wrongness. I want him to find a way of life where starting from a fundamentally different point of view is an asset to him and where he can be valued for that.”

You can find Stimey on Twitter and Facebook.



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