NAET treatment for Asperger’s

Our Aspie son “Mike” continues his NAET treatments, and isn’t showing improvements yet. This is after 9 months of treatment. His treatments have uncovered a sensitivity to just one vaccine, the Hepatitis A vaccine, which he had in second grade. This is about the time he started to display hyperactivity, anxiety, and the other hallmarks of Asperger’s.

“Mike” is now 19 years old and going to classes at the local community college. He’s not eating junk food any more, as he was in the summer, and is doing well. He’s taking his Yasko supplements. What I’m hoping to eventually see with the NAET treatment is normal conversational interaction, back and forth questions, and so on. This has been lacking.

People have asked what prescription drugs he might be on. Once he was on three or four of those drugs, and they were making him gain weight.  I believe that the stimulant medications were causing him to be angry/aggressive, and the other drugs were to mitigate that, and pretty soon it was just a mishmash of side effects.  After being on the Yasko supplements for a while I gradually dropped them all. Without the drugs, it became apparent that he was still pretty anxious, so the doctor and I agreed to put him back on one–zoloft, which has few side-effects.  I am not sure whether the zoloft is helping. He is still anxious sometimes.

His sister was on the NAET treatments for a year before we noticed an amazing change in her, so I am happy to be patient. By the way, her NAET treatments showed she was very sensitive to the DPT vaccine.

Why might NAET work? My best guess is that it can help autism because it treats the immune system. NAET was originally designed as a nontraditional treatment for allergies, which are malfunctions of the immune system. So autism must have something to do with a broken immune system.  Because the NAET treatments have uncovered extreme sensitivities to particular vaccines for both of my children being treated, I am thinking that the vaccines they had must have contributed somehow. Vaccines are an attempt to manipulate the immune system. If they damage the immune system, in individuals with a genetic predisposition, perhaps autism can result.

I’ve said it elsewhere on this blog, but I’ll say it again. I think the high numbers of required vaccines, at a young age, are making our children guinea pigs in a vast experiment. And the drug companies and FDA are not even looking for possible consequences.


Phyllis Wheeler

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