Conversational Milestones

Conversational Milestones

James is starting to have conversations with us! His SHAPE assistant had been encouraging him at preschool in the afternoons to do this, and he has responded to her in a wonderful way. At home, it had not been showing so much.

But, it seems that all the past month’s upheaval over finally giving up his naps, struggling with the BM part of potty training (it’s happening but not consistent yet), and being a human tornado has also moved James forward. I have been told by many that babies, toddlers, and even bigger kids will sometimes take a step of 3 back and go through a rough period of time before making a leap forward. This si what I am hoping has happened with James.

This is what I see that is new:

  • Conversations! This morning it was “I go to see Si’ter (sister) on sofa!” Before he would have run out without saying anything.
  • Using the games on his Vtech computer that we got for him 2 years ago. He’s always liked pushing the buttons and hearing the sounds, but now he is really playing the games. He knows the alphabet, and it really shows!
  • Being a big boy and letting me know what he wants. This morning, he told me “I no like it feel” when I put on the cautionary diapers (we’d had some accidents on the sofa after breakfast) — he then said “I go have unnapants? Please?” So of course back we went. He told me he wanted all new clothes, so he got that too.
  • How he is feeling. Now when he stubs a toe, crunches his foot, of starts to really feel the unpleasant side effects of holding his BMs for 2 days he can tell me “OW! I hurt! I hurt!” and, he can tell me where. HUGE breakthrough!
  •  More affection. He tells people “I love you!” and lately has more hugs, kisses, and enormous smiles for his Daddy and I.

I am hoping for more conversations with James. He has got a funny sense of humour and I can hardly wait to hear his take on things.

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A Blog to chronicle our son's journey through developmental delays and dealing with austisic disorder.
For James


A Blog to chronicle our son's journey through developmental delays and dealing with austisic disorder.

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