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It’s been six months since I started this blog and things have changed quite a lot for me during this time. When I started writing I was a temporary contract worker then I lost my job suddenly and decided to take the leap into self employment. I was reading some of my early posts yesterday and the person writing them seems very different to the person I am today. I thought I’d do an update on where I am now.

Physically things are much the same. I still have a lot of pain from the Rheumatoid Arthritis and I continue to swallow the large amounts of anti inflammoties and Tramadol every day. I have been having fortnightly Humira injections and they have made a huge difference! They don’t help that much with the pain but they’ve enabled my brain and mind to become clearer again. I’m not bogged down with fatigue anymore and I’ve got my buzz back which is great. I still have to wake up hours before I need to leave home to be somewhere and my 4am alarms have become somewhat legendary in my circle. Even at 4am I’m buzzing around while others are still trying to remember their name! Let em moan I say! I love being up early and every day brings something new to enjoy.

An earlier post related to my joining a business networking group and I said I’d chosen that particular group in part because I would be the only person from my industry present. I think I still need to work on my fear of upsetting someone whose business is the same as mine when I need to compete against them for business but my confidence at public speaking has grown enormously. Last week I gave a ten minute presentation to 25 people and it didn’t really faze me. It’s hard to equate that with the person who was physically sick at the thought of speaking for 60 seconds just four months ago.

I’m actually starting to feel I need to challenge myself some more now socially. You may remember I posted about attending a Tweetup late last year to meet a bunch of people I’d met via Twitter? There’s another one coming up soon and I’m one of the organisers! I gave an interview to the local press about it as well! As well as that I’m hoping to set up a new networking group in my town. It’s only once a month but I’ll be hosting it in a local venue and finding people to come along. I hope this will come off as it’s something that I’m feeling excited about. We’ll have to wait and see.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet some more great people on Twitter and in real life recently too. There are way too many to mention but you know who you are. The other networking group I didn’t join is called 4N and it’s MD is a guy called Brad Burton. He’s written two fantastic motivational books called “Get Off Your Arse” and they have been a great inspiration to me. I’ve felt really touched actually as I’ve come to get to know Brad and have been lucky enough to meet him too. A truly lovely bloke. I won’t say he’s a genius but like me, he’s bang on the ball and has real energy for business.

My bloke Bill continues to support me and is one of my biggest fans. He’s awesome. We’re both currently losing weight for our wedding in two months and obviously the Aspie dedication means I am sticking to the plan steadfastly. He wasn’t initially convinced of the whole diet idea but now he is loving it and has really embraced the idea! He spends his evenings with his head in Slimming World recipe books and most weekends he bakes. Last weekend he made Weetabix cake which I found natural yogurt complemented nicely. Yes I realise NT’s think that’s weird but I’m used to people thinking I’m weird by now! It’s probably fair to say that natural yogurt is my current food obsession as I eat it with most desserts. I’ll go off it soon no doubt as it’s been about a month now that I’ve eaten it most days!

Not everything has changed though. I still get anxious if I have to go somewhere new and need to know every last detail about the place first. As much as I’m going out more these days I still prefer the days when I don’t have to leave home or see anyone. There are days when I’d happily phone everyone yet other days where I actually fear the telephone. Recently someone commented that I was a very social person. I laughed because although I’m social in its context, I will always be reclusive by nature. I don’t fake being social when I’m out, I enjoy it but it does take energy to maintain and I have to recharge regularly with reclusive me time.

As I’ve been building my business I’ve realised I’m quite astute when it comes to spotting opportunities. When I’ve shared my ideas some people have said they think I’m “amazing” and “driven”. I’m rubbish at taking compliments anyway but I don’t think I’m amazing. I do realise not everyone thinks the same way as me but I honestly believe I do nothing that anyone else couldn’t do. I am surprised that many people don’t see opportunities which are obvious to me but perhaps that is an Aspergers gift. Maybe it is down to the fact our minds run at 100 miles an hour that means thing seem obvious because we’ve arrived at the conclusion quicker than others?

So thats my update. How has life been for you? Any highs or lows?

Speak soon x

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Veronica Pullen
I am an adult female with Aspergers Syndrome. I only became aware of this around April 2010, aged 39. I have not received an official diagnosis, but know enough to be able to say with pride that I AM AN ASPIE!
Veronica Pullen


I am an adult female with Aspergers Syndrome. I only became aware of this around April 2010, aged 39. I have not received an official diagnosis, but know enough to be able to say with pride that I AM AN ASPIE!

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