Can’t change an AS child’s mind

This one goes back to when Dannie was in nursery school, we had our mothers day party at the nursery and all the kids and parents were all sitting around in a circle singing nursery rhymes, needless to say Dannie sang the loudest out of everyone (actually she was shouting). She had been asked several times to use her ‘indoor voice’ by one of the assistants.  Which they had to remind her to do on a constant basis.

“I am” Dannie screamed back in anger. Anyway they started to sing the rainbow song and Dannie sang along “red and yellow and pink and orange and purple and blue.” at the top of her voice.  She sang this chorus several times before one of the assistants interupted her and asked politely. “Dannie, what happened to green?”

“I don’t like green.” was Dannie’s blunt response as she carried on singing. Example of how you cannot change the opinion of an AS child.


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