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My girls have had lots of fun playing with their wooden dolls house, the farmhouse mum and dad gave Heidi for her birthday and their Barbie castle. We find dolls an invaluable way to model social skills to our girls so have a large collection of various types but I’m going to let the pictures do most of the talking for me here:

What I especially liked was that the girls are not too structured in their play, Heidi in particular likes to mix up toys from different sets and have them all play together, pokemon, wooden doll, nooks doll, Polly pocket it is all good.  Annie is a little more rigid but still enjoys getting in and playing. There is still lots of lining up of toys but far less than there used to be, there are also lots of scripted conversations and playing out the same scenarios (birthday parties).  I’ve also noticed when Heidi plays alone she tends to work out real-life situations which are very cool

From a therapy mum point of view, I find monitoring my girl’s free play with dolls and all the associated dolls house paraphernalia gives me a great indication of their progress with the social skills we have been trying to teach them. I can observe the frequency of lining up toys to listening to the conversations and seeing how much remains the same script or what variations are occurring.

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Marita Beard
Life, the Universe and Autism
Marita Beard


Life, the Universe and Autism

0 thoughts on “We Play: Doll House

  • These pic’s are so cute.  They speak volumes.  Kids have a logic about toys none can gainsay.  Who would want to?

    Crohns is nothing to shrug at.  My most ardent hopes and prayers that you live long and prosper.

    Cross stitch rules.  It’s been many year–but I know the feeling of zen it can impart.  Fantasy and sci fi rule.  So do superheroes, if I may say so.  I am an incurable geek.

    So much of the blogosphere is obsessed with political, fashion, and relationship drama.  This post is a breath of fresh air.

    Vaya con Dios, you and your family.


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