Other Father’s Sons – A Poem


I guess he missed me,
go figure.
Like other father’s sons,
but usually
not Nick

I was at school,
he looked for me.
Looked out the window
like he was waiting,
like he missed me.
I knew he was there.

Suz says
he rushed to the door,
when he saw the truck,
and he knew
I was home.

You brace yourself for
the worst
that you expect to be

Leaving him,
and living with him,
is a daily walk among
land mines.

You buffer yourself
for self-preservation,
to avoid the disappointment
and the pain
of being your son’s

This is totally unexpected,
totally overwhelming,
and I am unprepared.
This is what it is all about,
what you work for and hope for and pray for and fight for.
Hold fast and don’t let go,
bottle this kid, he’s the one
we’ve been looking for
and love so much.

I guess he missed me,
like other father’s sons
in the families
that aren’t like ours.
Or so I thought.

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